The RESTART Method


What is The REstart method?

The RESTART Method is motivated by a burning personal desire and a delight in seeing people discover, develop and grow into their true and best selves.

The RESTART Method encourages you to choose your new path decisively and confidently.

Most of us, indeed each of us has at some point, reached crossroads in our lives and have had to make decisions and choices which were critical to our future. Sometimes we take a leap of faith and “voila!” it all comes together. Other times however, as a result of our leap being myopic, it causes us to end up in a muddy pool where we spend time blundering around until we finally climb out thoroughly muddied. Or, if we are lucky, we may get hands that help us out of the pool but we are still left to find our way forwards.

What we really need in a time like that is someone standing with us on the crossroads, asking us the right questions in order to take the path that leads us to our best future.

  • Reach out and grasp your future

  • Ease yourself forward

  • Savour your moment

  • Take the reins of your life

  • Act upon your dreams

  • Revvv yourself up

  • Transition time

The REbrith

Having a successful outcome at the end of your coaching relationship can be likened to a rebirth. The relationship from start to finish is a session by session journey which is essentially a growing experience.

Initially, you meet with the coach and you establish what it is you need, for example, clarity, solutions or an action plan and the relationship has begun. The intimate space which the coach will provide helps the client to develop trust and feel respected.

The coaching conversation continues and the coach is “clear and concise” in their feedback, allowing the client to reflect and respond in their moment of self-discovery. It is also at this point that awareness is created and the client is encouraged to appreciate the learning that is coming out in this session.

The rebirth happens at this point where the client has a new perspective about their life, their purpose and their future undertakings. As the client savours the moment, the coach supports the client by exploring with them, new ideas and possible solutions, helping the client to appropriate their own support structures in pursuance of their goals.

During this period, the coach will help the client set up ways to keep themselves accountable and responsible for the successful outcome of their new goals.