Empowering women, one woman at a time.


RESTART EMPOWERMENT is an organization that offers seven steps to that empowerment which is already within you. You woman, are you at the crossroads of your life - your career, your beliefs, or your relationships?

We can help you RESTART.


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RESTART EMPOWERMENT offers a unique partnership between the client and the coach for the purpose of exploring, lightening and visualizing their new and empowering life. 

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RESTART as its name implies is an opportunity for any woman standing at the crossroads of her future life to begin anew or to pursue new pastures in what ever stage she is at, in her life.

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News + Notes

Every fortnight, RESTART keeps readers abreast of topical issues and shares our own thoughts on the latest developments in Women’s issues, and how coaching continues to impact people’s lives.

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Our Practice

The space we create inspires powerful thinking allowing you to set goals, turn dreams into plans and embark on undertakings.


“Our interpretation of things influences our thoughts and our actions”

— Donna Jackman Wilson


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The RESTART Model is motivated by a burning personal desire and a delight in seeing people discover, develop and grow into their true and best selves.